SADC National Secretariat  
| 01/12/2012 -

Technical Assistance Services for the Institutional Support of the SADC National Secretariat

The rationale for this project is that the newly established national bodies in Angola with responsibility to coordinate the participation and the contribution of the country in the SADC Regional Integration Process benefit from technical support to achieve the optimal results for the country in terms of the national agenda on regional integration. The executive body with prime responsibility for the regional integration process is the SADC National Secretariat, which is the beneficiary of this technical assistance support.

The project support is a combination of the:

  • Development of the staff of the SADC National Secretariat in matters relating to liberalisation, regional integration, macroeconomics and trade negotiations
  • Provision of advisory services to the SADC National Secretariat in the implementation of the different stages of the regional integration process
  • Identification and implementation of programmes and national projects of regional interest
  • Strengthening the technical and institutional engagement between the Secretariat and the other relevant technical ministries of Angola
  • Integration of the national programmes and projects with the corresponding SADC regional programmes and projects.
  • Strengthening of the ICT and knowledge management facilities of the Secretariat