Ministry of Economy - General Directorate of National Quality System  
| 01/11/2009 -

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building to Guatemala's National Quality System Entities in Matters Related to Technical Rules and Standards, International Harmonisation and Certification, Aimed to Facilitate Access of Domestic Products to International

The rationale for this project is that the provision of advisory services will assist Guatemalan producers and manufacturers to better understand and comply with the WTO and WTO-related regulatory frameworks that govern the movement of goods and services across borders of key destination/target nations to help them gain better access to international markets.

The project support is a combination of:

  • Strengthening the overall technical capabilities and the legislative and institutional framework of the National Quality System on an entity-wide basis (in accordance with decree 78/2005 of the Republic of Guatemala)
  • Realignment of the range and quality of services provided by the National Quality System to correspond with the general and specific needs of the productive sectors relative to their international trade in specific markets or regions
  • Development of initiatives to further harmonise quality standards in Central America with the aim of increasing flow of regional trade by reducing TBT, and thereby contributing to the economic and institutional integration process in the region