Ministry of Trade and Industry / Directorate of Normalisation and Quality promotion (DQN)  
| 01/01/2006 -

TA for the Preparation of Projects Documents in the Fields of Normalisation, Accreditation, Conformity Evaluation, Metrology and Market Surveillance in the Context of the"Support Programme for Implementation of the Morocco - EU Association Agreement"(P34)

The rationale for this project is to assist the beneficiaries (MoTI and DQN) in building their capacity to carry out the identification of activities and formulation of new quality control projects to be undertaken under the Morocco-EU Association Agreement.

The project support is a combination of:

  • Evaluating the national capacity regarding normalisation, standardisation, accreditation and conformity assessment as well as market surveillance and metrology
  • Identifying the shortcomings concerning legislation, know-how, management methods and equipment needs
  • Formulating proposals for actions, led by the beneficiary, in the form of project documents (twinning fiche and/or terms of reference) in order to satisfy the priority needs identified in the diagnosis