European Commission EuropeAid  
| 01/12/2011 -

Support to the Evaluation of the Call for Proposals "Europeaid/131088/C/ACT/Multi" Launched Under the Thematic Programme of Cooperation with Third Countries in the Areas of Asylum and Migration

The rationale for this project is to assist the European Commission in selecting the best proposal in line with the criteria set for the call for proposals launched under the Thematic Programme Migration and Asylum.

This Programme is designed to:

  • Foster the links between migration and development
  • Promote well-managed labour migration
  • Fight irregular immigration and facilitate readmission of illegal immigrants
  • Promote the rights of migrants, protect them against exploitation and exclusion, and support the fight against trafficking in human beings
  • Promote asylum and international protection of refugees
  • Technical support is provided to the EC by two teams of advisors, working independently and remotely, to assess proposals that were received (in excess of 500), both technically and financially in two phases: the first phase focuses on the evaluation of the Concept Notes and the second in the assessment of the full applications.

The project support is a combination of the:

  • Technical evaluation and financial assessment of the proposals
  • Evaluation of the “Concept Notes”
  • Assessment of the "Full Applications"