European Business Forum in Ethiopia  
| 01/11/2013 -

Support to the European Business Forum in Ethiopia (EUBFE): Improving the Investment and Business Environment in Ethiopia

The rationale for this project is to provide advisory services to the EU Business Forum for Ethiopia (EUBFE) to strengthen their capacity to be as effective as possible in their advocacy and lobbying activities to promote reforms relating to the improvement of the enabling environment of the private sector in Ethiopia. These advisory services are designed to empower and enable the EUBFE to promote business environment reforms by providing them with up to date information, knowledge and analysis on policy, legislative and financial issues relevant to the EU business community operating, or considering operating, in Ethiopia.

The project support is a combination of the:

  • Survey of the EU business community in Ethiopia to assess the investment climate
  • Development of a map of current EU investments in Ethiopia
  • Preparation of a database of EU companies in Ethiopia
  • Development of an inventory of the applicable investment legislation
  • Assessment of the motivations to invest and the impediments faced by EU companies in Ethiopia
  • Development of case studies on the impediments faced by EU companies investing in Ethiopia
  • Analysis of the obstacles faced by investors and the preparation of recommendations for mitigating these obstacles
  • Presentation of findings at participatory conferences, roundtables, workshops and seminars
  • Preparation project of promotional material
  • Preparation of a Roadmap and Action Plan
  • Dissemination of the findings and recommendations