Ministry of Finance  
| 01/04/2010 -

Studuy on Public Finance Management Visibility

Study Paper

  • Analysis of the background documents related to the PFM reform programme in Indonesia and EC support provided in the field, including both the PFM Trust Fund and the Education Budget Support Programme.
  • Benchmarking of the key features of the public finance management systems of several EU countries and their evolution over the past decade, as a comparative reference to the Indonesian reform case.
  • Identification of the key features of the Indonesian public finance management system and its reform process, highlighting achievements and pending issues.
  • Elaboration of a Position Paper comparing EU and Indonesia public finance management systems and evolution, which was distributed in the dissemination seminar

Communication and Visibility

  • Identification of the Indonesian target audience for participation in dissemination seminars and securing their involvement in the event.
  • Organisation and delivery of the dissemination seminar in Jakarta.