South Sinai Regional Development Programme (SSRDP)  
| 01/11/2007 -

South Sinai Regional Development Programme: "Sector -Specific Support for Grant Recipients:Tourism and Cutural Heritage

The rationale for this project is to support recipients of grants to manage and optimise the results of their grants for social development under the EU South Sinai Development Programme, particularly in connection with Tourism and Cultural Heritage in the region. The South Sinai Regional Development Programme enhances sustainable development in the South Sinai region by promoting local initiatives in the field of environment, local community development (particularly among Bedouins), cultural heritage, equipment and social development, capacity building and public awareness.

  • The project support is a combination of:
  • General support to implement the priority projects and activities of the regional Governorate that contribute to integrated regional development
  • Providing technical assistance to individual grant recipients, with the technical aspects of project preparation and implementation
  • Building capacity by providing technical assistance with all aspects of procurement according to EU Guidelines in order to enhance grant achievements