Corporation for Export and Investment Promotion (CORPEI)  
| 01/05/2005 -

Program of Economic Cooperation with Ecuador (Expoecuador)

The overall objective is to improve Ecuador’s introduction into international markets, both EU and CAN (Andean Community) markets, taking advantage of opportunities provided in the framework of WTO, CAN and the EU’s Preferential Arrangements System.

Trade Related Technical Assistance is provided in order to improve commercial relations and exchanges of Ecuador through:

  • Strengthening of national quality system structure institutions, in order to reduce technical barriers affecting trade of main products within Equator’s exporting offer, and in particular those affecting trade with Andean countries.
  • Strengthening of associations representing the private sector (SMEs), in particular in regards to management of and training on international trade (market access, strategic alliances, sectorial integration, etc.).
  • Increase actual and potential exporting SMEs competitiveness and quality aspects (normalisation, homologation, etc.) through specific services.
  • Improvement of capacities of Ecuadorian official organisms involved in international commercial negotiations and agreements (WTO, CAN – Andean Community-, etc.).

The Project Management Unit comprises a team of local project director, local staff, EU team leader and a permanent SME development specialist in addition to short term international assistance, to particularly coordinate project activities related to current or potential exporting SMEs.