European Commission DG Trade  
| 01/09/2004 -

Post Doha Technical Assistance with Implementing the WTO Programme. "Needs Assessments for Trade-Related Assistance"

As a result of the work of the Inter Service Task Force on Trade Related Assistance (TRA), the Commission Services have initiated a number of joint activities intended to facilitate more comprehensive integration of TRA in EC development cooperation.

Trade is one of the six priority areas for the EC development cooperation and TRA is already partially integrated in the ongoing programming, but appropriate efforts should be made to further step up the EC TRA should this be desirable in the context of the EC development cooperation priorities in specific countries.

The design of the next generation of Country Strategy Papers provides the first opportunity for the EC to implement its guidelines on the TRA systematically to its co-operation programmes. As a first step the EC aims to ensure that its planning process for TRA will be based on the best practices, i.e., EC TRA programmes should be based on Needs Assessments (NAs).

Thus, the objectives of the assignment are to (a) provide Commission staff with an analysis indicating in which EC development cooperation countries there are no NAs or NAs with qualitative shortcomings, (b) recommend approaches and provide tools that will assist the programming officers, in the Commission, to organize a NA or improve them if they exist partially.