Senegalese Agency for Export Promotion (ASEPEX)  
| 01/10/2007 -

Identification and Mapping of Senegalese Exporting SMEs and Other Export Sector Key Agents, Including Relevant Services Providers, and Ad-Hoc Designed Database Development and Start-Up for ASEPEX (Senegalese Export Promotion Agency)

The rationale for this project is to assist the Senegalese Export Promotion Agency to build a coherent knowledge platform from which to support its operations.

The project support is a combination of the:

  • Identification and geo-location of Senegalese export enterprises
  • Development of a detailed country-wide sector profile and international data base of Senegalese products, regional and international markets, export statistics and regulatory requirements
  • Capacity building by providing training to ASEPEX’ key staff to use and maintain the new tolos
  • Provision of system user and administration manuals