Ministry of Finance and Economic Development of the Republic of Mauritius  
| 01/04/2006 -

Formulation of an Innovation Policy Roadmap for the Republic of Mauritius with an Analysis of Entrepreneurial Innovation Challenges and Issues

The rationale for this project is to assist the Government of Mauritius to develop a detailed roadmap on the adoption and implementation of policies for innovation, research and development, and business incubation. The resulting roadmap is to be inclusive of institutional (macro/meso) and operational (micro) arrangements and for existing and new commodities and services for export, and to help identify import-substitution opportunities. Emphasis is on sustainable ownership of the process by SMEs to achieve higher levels of investment and competitiveness.

The project support is a combination of:

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Preparing detailed draft recommendations
  • Elaboration of a development roadmap for national innovation policy development
  • Building stakeholder consensus
  • Disseminating the contents and benefits of the roadmap to institutional and business fora