Trade Division od Department of Foreign Affairs  
| 01/11/2010 -

Food Law Specialist for Trade-Related Assistance Project

The rationale for this project is the importance of strengthening food safety legislation in PNG. The Trade-Related Assistance Project seeks to support the government’s export led growth strategy by implementing trade policy and complying with the WTO regulatory and trade agreement frameworks. It is also designed to improve trade negotiation, notably in respect of EU Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA and IEPA).

This project support is a combination of:

  • A review of the institutional framework for food safety in PNG
  • Preparation of recommendations for an integrated approach to food safety in very close collaboration with the Quality Infrastructure Expert and in consultation with both the PNG Department of Justice, the Attorney General and the SPS laboratories
  • Preparation of a proposal to the National Executive Council (The Cabinet) for an integrated national approach to food safety