Ministry of Industry and Investments Promotion (MIPI)  
| 01/04/2008 -

Final Evaluation of the Support Programme for the Industria Reconstruction and Privatization in Algeria

The rationale for the project is to undertake a final evaluation of the implementation of this programme throughout its lifetime with particular attention to its organisation, the results, the pertinence of the activities and the complementarity and coherence of the programme itself. Improving the processes of privatisation and modernisation in the industrial sector is a key economic development issue for the Algerian Ministry of Industry & Investments. The technical assistance provided under this MEDA project was intended to underpin the implementation of a transparent and effective privatisation programme.

The project support was a combination of:

  • Evaluating the results obtained and, as much as possible, the impact of the Project
  • Assessing the relevance of the activities that were undertaken and planned
  • Quantifying the impact of the programme on national policy related to reconstruction and privatisation
  • Implementation of reform measures
  • Evaluating the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the means and procedures in the development of project activities
  • Determining the level of complementarity and the coherence of the programme with the overall activities supporting industrial sector reform and privatisation, as well as the coordination of activities, in particular those carried out by the government