Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Economy - Normalisation and Quality Directorate of Morocco  
| 01/11/2006 -

Final Evaluation of the Quality Promotion Support Programme in Morocco

The rationale for this project is to carry out a Final Evaluation of the Quality Promotion Support Programme. This programme aims at increasing the industrial sector competitiveness and production quality through improving the needs coverage of Moroccan enterprises by local metrology laboratories, industrial technical centres, as well as normalisation, certification and accreditation institutes (IMANOR, CMA, UMAQ). Thus, the programme focuses on:

  • Developing quality control know-how and systems for certification by national certification organisations of Moroccan companies
  • Assisting accreditation, certification and normalisation institutions to process 500 cases annually
  • National metrology system offering calibration capacity to the Moroccan laboratories and companies.
  • Testing capacity and technological development of four technical industrial Moroccan laboratories supported

The project support is a combination of:

  • Analysis of initial project concept
  • Evaluating project consistency with regard to the main goals of the Moroccan Government
  • Assessment of the performance of the programme start-up phase and the management of the project by all parties involved
  • Drawing conclusions on project start-up and management
  • Assessment of complementarity with other support programmes
  • Identifying and sharing best practice and lessons learned