National Commitee for Follow-up and Coordination of the EPA Negotiations (CNSCN APE)  
| 01/09/2006 -

Feasibility Study on the Strengthening Programme of the EPA Between the European Union and Central Africa (PASAPE)

The rationale for this project is to elaborate a feasibility study in order to assist the European Commission and the government of Cameroon (GoC) in the formulation of a programme focusing on the Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and Central Africa. To achieve these objectives, advisory services will be provided to the GoC.

The project support is a combination of:


  • Undertaking a feasibility study of the PASAPE programme.
  • Conducting a needs assessment analysis.
  • Carrying out an operational capacity analysis of the main structures.
  • Drafting and implementing proposals for the creation of an administrative structure to effectively manage the programme
  • Undertaking programme formulation (financing proposal, budget, logical framework and monitoring indicators and the Terms of Reference).