European Commission  
| 01/11/2010 -

Euromed Transport Mediterranean Motorways of the Sea II (MEDAMOS II)

The project support is a combination of:

  • Assisting the beneficiary countries to identify, quantify and ultimately to overcome logistical bottlenecks in order to facilitate and enhance trade between the EU and beneficiary countries
  • Identifying the bottlenecks hampering the flow of goods between ports and the hinterland, and specifically from ports to logistical centres
  • Contributing recommendations to the overall completion of the physical and economic integration of the Euro-Mediterranean region and the development of a Mediterranean free trade area
  • Recommending actions to improve the flow of goods between the both sides of the Mediterranean from door-to-door and just-in-time
  • Ensuring good interoperability from the ports to the hinterland through logistic platforms, ports, maritime transport connections to the ports of the northern part of the Mediterranean and the Mediterranean countries
  • Adapting the regulatory framework determining port operations, maritime operations and logistical operation with a specific focus on sector reforms and implementation of environmental management systems in ports.