EU Delegation to Botswana  
| 01/07/2012 -

Enhancing the Conceptual and Operational Design Features of the SADC Trade Related Facility (TRF)

The overall objective of this project is to improve the economic situation of SADC Member States (MS), and their relative trading positions.

The specific objective of this project is to encourage SADC Member States to implement the regional and extra regional trade agreements into which they entered, in particular the SADC Trade Protocol (STP) and the EPA.

Expected Results

  • SADC Member States consolidate the SADC Trade Protocol (STP) and create an environment in which the benefits of the STP can be realised.
  • Increased intra-regional trade in SADC stimulated by greater convergence of trade rules and practices which create the regional market.
  • SADC Member States, especially those within the SADC EPA framework, are better placed to take full advantages of trade agreements thereby facilitating better access to external markets.