Ministry of Finance and Development Planning  
| 01/03/2009 -

Development of a Donor Dtabase Sstem for Botswana (BODAMIS)

The rationale for this project is that the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning Department would benefit from advisory services to establish a donor database system to facilitate the storage and timely retrieval of information on all major donor activities in Botswana. Thus, facilitating them to identify, track and participate in donor funded project opportunities. It is also designed to promote inter-donor cooperation and to reduce duplication of efforts.

The project support is a combination of:

  • Analysing present systems and identifying the exact needs of the department
  • Preparing the functional design specifications, and hardware and software requirements for the system
  • Designing and launching a functioning web-based Donor Database
  • Preparing Users and Administrator Manuals
  • Training users and administrators
  • Host the system at