Lebanese Franchise Association  
| 01/12/2012 -

Capacity Building at the Lebanese Franchise Association

The rationale of this project is that supporting the Lebanese Franchise Association (LFA) will strengthen the private sector, will make the Lebanese Industry more competitive and the potential for socio-economic development in the country will be enhanced.

Franchising sector in Lebanon has already been promoted and has benefited from EU funding by, among others, supporting the establishment of the Lebanese Franchise Association (LFA) and by initiating training cycle activities for Franchising managers. The rapid success of the LFA and its dynamism has motivated the EU into considering the importance of further supporting the sector in order to contribute to economic development, innovation and job creation in Lebanon.

The project support is a combination of:

  • Capacity building to LFA and training of its staff
  • Access to management information
  • Direct support and training to qualified LFA members