Training in Negotiation Techniques for the Ministry of Trade based on the proposed Partial Scope Agreement between Belize and Mexico

On 16 June 2014 in Corozal, there were consultations of Mexico and Belize private sector organizations. The meeting was attended by more than 70 participants. Members from the Private Sector of Belize, Quintana Roo and Merida underlined the importance to conclude this agreement to develop market opportunities and effective access to the Mexican market. Belize private sector expressed interest in the agreement with Mexico, in particular, the representative of the shrimp industry emphasized the need for this agreement for which the shrimp industry has been waiting for so long. The Mexican private sector underlined the foreign currency problems for the transactions with Belize.

The Mexican private sector highlighted the importance of this meeting and hoped to have another one as soon as possible. It extended an invitation to meet in Chetumal in the Chamber of Commerce. Belize private sector welcomed the invitation for a next meeting in Chetumal. Belize DFT thanked also the initiative and informed that the Belize and Mexico private sectors met on regular basis in the so-called Bi-National Meeting to discuss issues of larger coverage including security and social services and not specifically trade and industry matters.

Published On: June 16, 2014|