Technical support to ASEAN Defence Seminar

For the second successive year, the European Security and Defence College (ESCD), in cooperation with the European External Action Services Crisis Management, organised a Common Security and Defence Policy Orientation seminar for participants of the ASEAN Regional Forum countries.

Delegates from each ASEAN Member State and the ASEAN Secretariat were invited to participate under the sponsorship of the EU Delegation. The intervention of EU-PDO was to provide financial and logistic support to the participation of up to two participants from each ASEAN country and the ASEAN Secretariat. The final number of participants was 19.

Actions undertaken:

The support provided by de the EU-PDO and the backstopping team of the consortium was logistical, administrative, financial disbursement (per diems) and travel. In an evaluation among participants undertaken by the ESDC, the EU-PDO intervention was rated 5.18/6 by participants, indicating a high satisfaction level.

Published On: October 21, 2015|