EU Roadshow 2016: Bandung

For the second consecutive year, the EU-PDO organised an EU Roadshow with the objective to promote Europe and raise awareness about the EU and its Member States among the Indonesian public and institutions outside of Jakarta. This year, Bandung was the city chosen to host the event, while in 2015 it was held in Surabaya.

The Roadshow took place during the 12th and 13th February 2016 and the programme implemented two different events. The activity implemented on Friday took the form of a visit of European Heads of Delegations to different institutions, while on Saturday, a Scholarship and Cultural Fair was organised.

21 representatives of 15 EU Member States, amongst them 8 Ambassadors, joined the tour on Friday together with 6 representatives of the EU Delegation.

Meanwhile, the EU Scholarship and Culture Fair took place on Saturday at the Grand Ballroom of the Papandayan Hotel. The fair was opened by Ambassador Vincent Guérend, and the opening attended by representatives of 8 Member States (Germany, Sweden, Greece, Romania, Ireland, Italy and Poland) amongst them the Ambassadors of Ireland, Sweden, Romania and Greece.

The Roadshow was attended by 38 journalists on Friday and 9 on Saturday from 24 different media outlets. Over 70 photos and articles relating to the roadshow were published, all of which were positive. The overall media reach of all articles can be estimated at over 8.75 Million readers reached.

Published On: February 12, 2016|