Belize Trade Delegation visit to Mexico City

Belize and Mexico have for some time now expressed interest in pursuing a Partial Scope Agreement. Progress with this agenda continues to be made through communication at diplomatic and other levels with both countries reiterating the need for this Agreement. At the VII Meeting of the Belize Mexico Bi-National Commission in Belize, both countries reiterated their commitment to proceed with negotiations for a Partial Scope Agreement (PSA).

On Monday, 03 March 2014,  The Belize Delegation met with  a high level team of officials from the Secretaria de Economía in Mexico City. The primary objective of the meeting was to discuss and agree on the General Framework and a schedule for negotiating a Partial Scope Agreement between Belize and the United Mexican States.

The discussions highlighted the benefits to be gained by both countries with the successful conclusion of negotiations in areas such as transportation, trade in goods and Investment among others. With respect to Trade in Services, both countries have experienced significant growth in this sector which can only be augmented through the negotiation and implementation of the agreement.

It is envisioned that negotiations will be concluded before the end of 2014.

The meeting ended with both countries reaffirming their commitment to concluding a Partial Scope Agreement.

Published On: March 3, 2014|