Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening

Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening are integral parts of the technical support that we provide to individuals, organisations and institutions. At an individual level, we deliver services that build knowledge and skills, influence attitudes and positively influence the working practices of the participants.

At an institutional level, our objective is to engage the client in refocusing and streamlining the structure, processes, management resources and abilities of the organisation in order that it is better able to perform the tasks and responsibilities assigned to it. A fundamental and challenging aspect of this process is ensuring that the improvements made are absorbed and sustainable beyond the life of the intervention. In this respect, many of the problems we encounter can be directly linked to a lack of generation of sufficient revenue, which impacts negatively on the entire structure and activities of the institution. Therefore, if we are to make changes sustainable, we have to build the link between revenue and sustainability. Thus, we place significant emphasis on working with clients to seek new ways to generate income as part of our capacity-building services.

Given the complex nature of institutional change-management, much of our effort is delivered through longer-term formal and on-the-job training, coaching, consultative workshops and information-sharing seminars.