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Client: EU Delegation to Indonesia | 01/11/2013 - 01/12/2017

EU Public Diplomacy and Outreach – Indonesia and ASEAN

The activities implemented by our team fall within the following areas:

Project Management

  • Establishing project office facilities and infrastructure, and appointing staff in Jakarta.
  • Preparing the guidelines to govern identification, preparation, approval, implementation, evaluation and impact assessment of all activities carried out throughout the life of the project.
  • Establishing a modus operandi with the contractor responsible for communications and visibility of all events.

Event Management

  • Organisation of periodic thematic workshops, conferences and seminars on EU and ASEAN issues.
  • Managing the participation of Indonesian representatives at the ASEAN Defence Seminar in Brussels.
  • Planning and organising the participation of 1,000+ participants in the EU “Five Kilometre Run” in Jakarta.
  • Facilitating the EU “Cheese and Wine” promotional event in Jakarta.
  • Planning and implementing project support to the UGM university in the EU studies programme.
  • Planning for the major “Destination Europe” event in Jakarta.

Communications and Visibility

  • Issuing pre and post event press releases for media.
  • Promoting events through the Facebook page of the EUD.
  • Preparing a database of journalists.
  • Sharing progress and lessons learned with other similar projects in the region with similar objectives.
  • Undertaking the evaluation of the effectiveness and visibility of each individual event.

The rationale for this project is that the visibility of the EU in Indonesia in the context of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA), and ASEAN is not as widespread or as comprehensive as it should be and that providing additional advisory and implementation resources to the EU Delegation in Jakarta will result in a deepening of the understanding of the political, economic and cultural relationships of the EU with Indonesia and ASEAN - and make the strategic interests of the EU in promoting these relationships more transparent.

The actions undertaken by this project will encourage reflection and discussion on the policies of the EU, its guiding fundamental values, its external relations agenda and EU relations with Indonesia and ASEAN. It will also raise the local/regional relevance of the EU and ensure that certain key positive features are more systematically associated with the EU (e.g. freedom, openness, solidarity, tradition/heritage and modernity/creativity, respect for diversity etc.).

The project support is a combination of the:

  • Provision of advisory services to the EU Delegation in Jakarta to refine and/or develop new approaches to provide momentum towards result-oriented relations
  • Implementation of agreed visibility and communication actions, events, workshops, thematically focussed presentations, policy dialogues and roundtables.
  • Maximisation of the use of ICT platforms to reach a wide audience, including social media, blogs and info portals.
  • Organisation of local policy dialogues, and related background studies, involving officials from both sides of the opinion spectrum
  • Provision of supporting logistics and materials in relation to all activities
  • Measurement of the impact of activities

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