Regional Integration

The economic cooperation agenda of regional integration has been dominated by the trade integration processes. Essentially covering trade in goods and services, agreements currently being negotiated are much wider in scope, extending to investment measures, competition policy, taxation and innovative financing for development, harmonisation of standards, intellectual property rights and labour mobility among others.

We assist countries and regions in their regional integration process, supporting them with analytical work, capacity building, institutional and backup support. Our expertise in international trade and trade policy coupled with our regional outreach has enabled us to develop a niche in this particular area. In many cases, we have provided vital technical support in regional trade negotiations to enhance the effective participation of countries and regions in the regional integration process.

Our experience in managing projects in the area of trade as well as in other areas allows us to bring a multi-dimensional approach to delivering support to our clients and enabling them to succeed in their integration processes. We have also been able to share our project management experiences in helping regions to develop major projects for funding by donors and accessing Aid for Trade resources.

We are able to organise major events in the regions such as negotiating forums, conferences and training workshops at very short notice and provide the necessary logistical and backup support.