The following activities will be carried out in a broad range of countries worldwide, in particular (but not limited to) Singapore, New Zealand and Macao/Hong-Kong:

  • Round-tables, seminars, conferences, workshops, briefing sessions, webinars and forums, visitors programmes, "travelling" debates, platform for high level opinion makers and business leaders' interaction;
  • EU talks supported by audio-visual products;
  • Social-media campaigning;
  • Media programmes advocacy and awareness raising campaigns;
  • Documentary screenings;
  • Sectorial and thematic dialogues;
  • Exchanges of best practice;
  • Networking events, elaboration and dissemination of studies, policy papers, organisation of public opinion polls, organisation of track-two diplomacy activities at the margin of a bilateral summits;
  • Creation of databases and design and maintenance of web platforms;
    Training sessions on specific policy areas;
  • Alumni events for beneficiaries of other EU programmes and activities.

Programme Management

  • Establishment of a Project Coordination Unit.
  • Defining the project governance and its overall management.
  • Planning, implementing, reporting, evaluating and assessing the impact of all activities carried out throughout the life of the project.
  • Supporting the Director of the EPA Implementation Unit to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation in the areas being supported by the programme.

Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening

  • Delivery of individual and group country-level baseline needs assessment workshops to determine the up to date situation in each participating Member State in terms of participants’ and institutional needs, absorption capacity and delivery modalities.
  • Refinement of the course contents and the development of optimal processes and procedures for the delivery of the training programmes.
  • Validation of the revised course contents, materials and proposed delivery mechanisms with the Contracting Authority.
  • Twinning regional academic institutions with international training organisations.
  • Developing and delivering Training of Trainers (ToT) programmes
  • Mentoring the staff of the beneficiary organisations and assisting them to set objectives, goals and evaluation metrics to foster self-sustainability and replicability of the training services.
  • Defining a project knowledge management system and systematisation process.

Project Communication and Visibility

  • Definition of the key communication and visibility objectives.
  • Segmentation of the target audiences, analysis of the communication patterns and selection of the most suitable and cost-effective channels to reach each of the segments.
  • Preparation of a range of PR materials.
  • Design of the project website.

The activities implemented by our team fall within the following areas:

Market Research

  • Analysis of the sustainable market demand in selected EU markets, China and India.
  • Selection of target markets for closer investigation.
  • Research of market trends in each target market selected.
  • Identification of exportable products from companies in the five priority sectors.
  • Identifying and quantifying the effect of market access issues in each target market.
  • Generation of trade contracts for each company.

Trade Intelligence Capacity Building

  • Identification of relevant organisations that provide trade intelligence in the target markets.
  • Training of participating firms in the use of Trade Information sources and tool.s
  • Creation of a methodology to capture, classify, analyse, evaluate and distribute trade intelligence.

Intellectual Property / Trademarks

  • Registration of 20 individual trademarks for SMEs in accordance with Nicaraguan Law No.380.
  • Creating, designing and registering five sectoral trademarks in Nicaragua.
  • Designing and registering five trademarks in Central America and European countries.

Communications and Visibility

  • Developing and implementing a visibility plan to encourage the registration of group trademarks.
  • Preparing target market/product factsheets.
  • Development of product and market-specific profiles for each participating company.


  • Development and delivery of formal and on-the-job training to entrepreneurs, private sector associations, public sector organisations and Ministry officials.

The activities implemented by our team fall within the following areas:

Project Management

  • Establishing project office facilities and infrastructure, and appointing staff in Jakarta.
  • Preparing the guidelines to govern identification, preparation, approval, implementation, evaluation and impact assessment of all activities carried out throughout the life of the project.
  • Establishing a modus operandi with the contractor responsible for communications and visibility of all events.

Event Management

  • Organisation of periodic thematic workshops, conferences and seminars on EU and ASEAN issues.
  • Managing the participation of Indonesian representatives at the ASEAN Defence Seminar in Brussels.
  • Planning and organising the participation of 1,000+ participants in the EU “Five Kilometre Run” in Jakarta.
  • Facilitating the EU “Cheese and Wine” promotional event in Jakarta.
  • Planning and implementing project support to the UGM university in the EU studies programme.
  • Planning for the major “Destination Europe” event in Jakarta.

Communications and Visibility

  • Issuing pre and post event press releases for media.
  • Promoting events through the Facebook page of the EUD.
  • Preparing a database of journalists.
  • Sharing progress and lessons learned with other similar projects in the region with similar objectives.
  • Undertaking the evaluation of the effectiveness and visibility of each individual event.

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