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Client: Ministry of Economic Development and Trade | 01/04/2012 - 01/05/2013

Technical Assistance to Support the Tajik Ministry of Economic Development and Trade in the WTO Accession Process

The rational of this assignment is to support the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Tajikistan (MoEDT) in its accession process to the WTO, aimed at finalising multilateral negotiations with the interested Working Party members and, furthermore, at aligning its trade regime with WTO rules and disciplines, and with the best international standards.

The project support is a combination of:

  • Advising the MoEDT throughout the process
  • Building the skills and capacity of the staff of the WTO Department of MoEDT and members of the negotiating team and other relevant ministries and agencies
  • Building the institutional knowledge of the rules and principles of the WTO agreements and sharing the practical experiences and lessons learned by countries that have recently to the WTO

On 10 December 2012, the Accession Package was approved by the WTO General Council. The Republic of Tajikistan became 159th WTO member in March 2013.


Trade Negotiations


  • Stock-taking of the situation with counterparts and stakeholders after the seventh Working Party meeting.
  • Assessment of the level of implementation of the Action Plan adopted after the sixth Working Party meeting.
  • Preparing and adopting the Action Plan of WTO related activities for 2012 and 2013.

Trade Law

  • Assisting in drafting WTO relevant legislation, most notably the new Law on Foreign Trade Transactions, which regulates foreign trade activities, including trade remedies (antidumping, countervailing, safeguard measures).

Capacity Building

  • Providing guidance for the negotiating team before and during the negotiation sessions in Geneva and also providing on-site logistical support.
  • Assisting in reviewing the draft Working Party Report, as required by the WTO Secretariat.


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